10 Of The Most Unusual Supermodels In The World

When you say ‘supermodel’, the images that come to mind are skinny human Ken and Barbie dolls that signify our idea of beauty. However, human ideals often evolve, and so is our concept of beauty. Media reflects our obsession for beauty, youth and sex — represented on magazine covers, billboards, runways and more.

The modelling industry has changed so much over the last few years, challenging the public’s idea of what is ‘beautiful’, ‘sexy’ or ‘hot’. Nowadays, supermodels come in all shapes and sizes, not the usual run-in-the-mill stick figures on the runway or Victoria Secret models.

When everyone can look the same, all thanks to plastic surgery and modern technology, there comes a point where ‘beautiful’ becomes ‘plain jane’ and we start looking for something more different, something more unusual. Here are among the 10 most unusual muses in the modelling industry right now.